• 11 Things We Forget To Do When Moving

  •  Easy to Forget Items to Do When You Move


    From finding day care for your children to marking your boxes that you just packed, you must not overlook these important things to do moving tips.


    George Maier, Editor for Eastern Connection Movers    Monday Apr 15, 2013

    " Practically every person we knew and our pastor and the people from our church  tried to get our California King mattress up our steps says Jack Cahill and his family of Philadelphia, PA, this family has moved from Philadelphia to South Florida and back again. This family said after falling to get the mattress up the stairs and a long frustrating experience the all gave up and had to purchase a new bed. Jack said that he learned his lesson and first before doing any self moving make sure you measure all areas as to where you will be working and moving items through, such as up steps or even down a hallway or thru a door frame before you waste your time trying to fit something thru when all you will be doing is scratching your walls and doing other damages."


    Stories like this one reminds us that moving is not for the faint of heart and never easy. Sometimes a new job will make you relocate ( Even on little notice), so there are a lot of things to do before moving date and on the day and after your move date.


    If you are moving across town or across state lines you will need to read these 11 items we forget to do when you move.


    Before the move.


    1.  Inform any academic institutions


    Parents in some cases forget to notify their children's academic institutions

    Before or enough in advance of the move. George Maier, Editor for Eastern

    Connection Movers  makes it his goal to inform parents to advise their children's

    academic institutions at least 1 month in advance before they would like their

    kids to start. You should let administrators also know your preplanned moving

    date and also if you are moving locally and your move is 200 miles from your

    old residence try to schedule a tour of the new school in advance of the moving



    2.  Notify your caregivers.


    Before you move advise your baby sitter, lawn care guy, House cleaning  and

    whoever else that needs to be notified of your relocation that you are moving

    on such date. Inform your children that they will be getting a new baby sitter

    as well.


    3.   Make your moving day anxiety free.


    Out of all of your pre-move chaos, you may be forgetting a real important

    Person your life and that is your children. It best to help them through this

    Move by" Spending a lot more time with them if you can" and just before

    Your moving date. A good idea might be by reading a book to them or

    Going out for a family outing like going to a ice cream store.



    4.     Set up child care.


    It is best to avoid last minute child care. Get this set up at least 4 days in

    advance of the moving date or obtaining a baby sitter. If you are moving

    nearby you might want to consider going to your new town and checking out

    new child care facilities.


    5.     Marking your boxes in advance of the moving date.


    Now, that you have purchased your moving boxes, you are probably asking

    Yourself  how to label them?  You probably are thinking about going down

    to your local truck rental place and purchasing those color coded self

    stickers right!  Save your money do what our professionals do when we do

    all of the professional packing for our customers and that is to go to your

    local art supply store and purchase 2 wide black felt magic markers and

    the cost should be under five dollars. After packing your boxes take one

    of your markers and in the top right hand corner on the side write which

    room it goes in at your new residence.


    6.     Pack the first box to be opened.


    To avoid delays in obtaining certain important items it is recommended that

    you pack a special  box with certain items that you may need upon arriving

    at your new location and label it special items. Pack the boxes with what

    items you think you will need.



    7.     Contact township or your city .


    Before your moving date make certain that you have been in contact with

    any township offices such as trash collection and even making sure that

    your house has been approved by your township and you have obtained

    a certified occupancy permit so that there will not be any problems to

    or for your buyer purchasing your home from you. It is a good thing to

    have that peace of mind that everything has been done before you move.



    On Your Moving Day.


    8.    Our company recommends packing a back pack or box full of various

    Items like toys for your children to keep their minds off the move. Pack

    a  walkman radio for your children to listen to kids radio or even some

    children's books & even a DVD player to play movies for your kids to

    during the moving date. All of these ideas are really creative to making

    the move go more smoothly.



    9.    Make reservations at a motel or hotel.


    On the evening of your move it is best to plan to stay at a motel or hotel

    if your home furnishings isn't being delivered the same day of your

    moving date. Most people or families that are moving forget to make

    accommodations for a place to stay on the night that they are being



    10.    Care for your  pets.


    Making your cat or dog or pet comfortable during the move is important

    not only to them but you as well. You can move the pets yourself or we

    recommend family pet relocations.  You can go to our website for further

    helpful information and tips.


    After The Move.


    11.  Start A New Tradition.


    Moving is stressful and is a process that everyone in your family will go

    through  at least once in their lives. It is important to keep up on your

    family traditions. Before your entire family gets to busy think about

    having a family get together at your new place or going out on a family