Piano and Organ Moving



Piano and Organ moving is a task that should be left to the professionals since they are bulky and heavy. The sheer size of these instruments should make you seek out a professional moving service that has the correct equipment and trained personnel to do the move. In fact these musical instruments are probably the largest items to be moved.  Our team are the absolute best professionals to do this task for you and when you call to hire us to move these instruments you will  have


* A team of professionals with the correct piano boards and equipment to do the

move and a team whom will dissemble and reassemble any parts for safe


* A moving complete quote in writing.

* Uniformed professionals that can move any instrument to or from the first floor

to the top floor if needed.

* A company that has moved all types of pianos from a baby grand, full grand to

that spinet and from the family organ to a pipe organ over the past 28 years.

* Full insurance coverage on that instrument.

* Long and short terms storage of that instrument if you need at our safe and

secure & climate controlled warehouse.

* Free moving of your organ or piano when you book your move with us.

* All piano moving and organ moving is done in a very custom truck that is low

to the ground in which no other mover has except us guaranteed!


Call us now for your free moving cost quote and one of our associates will be glad to help you by calling Toll Free (877) 480-6683.