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By  Tom T. Hall   writer.

January 22, 2014



Working for the United States Postal Service can be a great job with great benefits and excellent pay & a great retirement if you are a civil service employee. Most civil service employees are either retired or close to retirement since the Postal Service changed all of that back in 1983. If you are up in the upper management of the Postal service and you are ready to be transferred and having trouble selling your present home the Postal service has a program that they will pay you to move and will literally purchase the home from you in order for them the achieve the goal of having you to be in your new residence and at your new post office location  if you are moving out of state. In fact a report done last year in February from the Postal service revealed that they paid over 1 million in the past 5 years to purchase homes and there was no reported limit to what the Postal service would pay to relocate an employee.  It was further revealed that the Postal service would even pay a moving and storage company to relocate the employees this included a full service long distance move with a packing service, storage of your household items at a mover’s warehouse until you found the home to move into. Eastern Connection Movers a Philadelphia moving company said that this is the norm for our postal service as there has been an increase in moving companies  performing more moves for our Postal service then ever before in the effort to place experienced personnel in ever increasing and growing places across our nation.  This might be a good time to put in for the job transfer and literally get out from under that house that you bought before the housing bubble burst and get a fresh new start without losing a dime.


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