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Long distance moving done right

By |2022-11-30T17:51:33-05:00November 30, 2022|Resources & Tips|

Thinking about moving. When looking for a moving company to move us we always will be thinking about the moving search terms to find a mover like  Need a long distance mover? This is how it’s done right. It’s hard to get prepared for your move then get the packing done and the other items to be taken care by you before the movers arrive. The above search term is about the best term out here to find the best moving company to meet your moving requirements from setting up the appointment to get your moving cost estimate in writing before the move begins then finding a mover in the housing boom.

We then need to contact our utilities company and get that taken care of on both ends from the new house to the old home you are about to be moved from. Pricing and dependability and you want your items to be picked up and delivered even in these Covid-19 post days as you don’t want to be waiting around from a long period to have your items delivered as most movers go between 10 to 21 days to deliver especially in an out of state move.  Contact us today for your state to state move and let our team get you there on time and when you want it there your way. Planning a move contact us today for your free estimate and free boxes at easternconnectionmovers.com.

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How Much Space do you really Need? The Moving Cost Calculator.

By |2022-06-10T15:50:37-04:00February 25, 2022|Resources & Tips|

Moving Cost Calculator will determine how much space do you really need. When moving it requires a lot of calculating and cost estimation, for the mileage to your moving supplies. The most biggest factor of your move is how much space will I need to do my move and for all of my personal belongings. The moving calculator will determine the number of cubic square feet you will need and the exact weight of your move. This will help you avoid overpaying for too much space in a moving truck and help you avoid a disaster in not having enough space on a moving truck.  Before you decide on your moving company , understand that the best way to obtain your best cost for the move is to have an exact list or inventory of what is exactly to be moved handy to speak to the moving company’s moving consultant.

When  speaking to your moving consultant he or she will ask you for the inventory of all the items that are in your upcoming move and you need to go room by room off your list and you will see that the cubic square feet and weight will add up fast. When speaking to the moving consultant they will ask you your origin zip code and destination zip code as this will also determine the actual cost of your move and don’t forget to add in your inventory list the estimated number of boxes you believe you will have in your move.

Average Breakdown Of Cubic Feet And Weight

600 - 1,000 = 7 feet

1,200 - 1,500 = 13 feet

1,500 - 1800  = 17 feet

2,000 - 2,400 = 23 feet

2,800 - 3,200 = 35 feet

Working On A Budget & Need Minimal Cost

The best advice is get multiple quotes.

Moving Out Of State

The best advice is get quotes from only movers that do out of state moves.

Save Money By Doing These Steps

It's a great idea to take apart all your beds and disconnect your appliances in advance of your movers arrival. Also take apart any desks and remove any televisions off the wall and if you can place all of your boxes in one room or area as these steps will save you time and money if you are on a budget. At the delivery location you put all the items back together as this will save you even more money and time.

Final Tip

Make sure you get your estimated moving cost in writing and up front before hiring a mover. The estimate or ( Order For Service Form) will show your zip code to zip code, will show your estimate cubic feet and estimated weight of your move including the exact inventory list of the items that are to be moved. The form also will show the pick up dates and the delivery spread dates for delivery at your new location.

Proper way to pack your rented storage unit.

By |2022-06-10T16:28:17-04:00December 7, 2021|Resources & Tips|

We all know that some time in our lives when we need to move we will need to rent space to store our worldly stuff while we are the process of moving from one location to another. In this post we will tell you how to properly pack your rented storage unit. In this post our team was asked to help a client move their items into the pictured 17 foot rented truck along with a 6×12 enclosed trailer from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. Our professional expert movers went along for the trip in which they packed the both units and drove it down and delivered it into the 10×25 storage unit pictured.

The client called our  out of state moving company  because they were looking for experienced long distance movers to do the job right the first time as they were short on time. Our team in this pics of the storage unit shows how to exactly and properly pack your rented storage unit by first maximizing the space that you have rented because these rentals are not cheap and you as a client want to get the most bang out of your buck.

Its best to a you see start with the heavy items and work you way up to the top with lighter items and try to make each row square as can be. If you are low on blankets it’s  highly recommended here as what to do with glass items and mirrors being stored in a storage unit whether long term or short term. Remember it’s always better to rent a bigger unit then you need.

Having trouble finding a mover during this housing boom!

By |2022-06-10T16:31:42-04:00October 14, 2021|Resources & Tips|

During this recent housing boom where houses are selling at a rapid pace and the sellers are getting a lot more than their asking price it sure is a sellers market. Incredibly lenders are making loans at an incredible rate. The housing market hasn’t been this good for sellers in a long time. Lending rates are at the lowest in decades and this has been a boom for moving companies especially in the local moving market.

Most buyers are actually Cash buyers meaning they have more than 50% of the sellers price in order to purchase the property they are looking at. However, there are bidding wars for properties as I mentioned and this is where buyers are in fierce competition to out bid everybody else that is looking at the property to buy it with a much more than asking price winning bid. This is the good news now the bad news.

Sellers after selling their property are having difficulty finding a moving company to move them on the dates that they have to be out of the property that they just sold because movers are overbooked do to being slammed by the rush of work coming from the housing selling boom. Forget about moving yourself and finding a rental truck that is merely impossible to find any trucks to rent as they are out of stock for a truck to rent. The facts are clear before us as movers are slammed with work and one more factor the current difficulty for any employer to find an employee to hire as there are signs everywhere saying ” Hiring Now” and even offering sign on bonuses employers are offering.

The best solution that can be offered in this post to make sure you have a mover to move you whether you are looking for a long distance moving company or a local moving company.

1): speak to a movers in advance of your home selling in which I mean is to secure that mover even if you have to pay a deposit to secure that moving company to move you. If this doesn’t work then

2): Set your settlement dates around your movers schedule meaning you schedule your settlement date on a day that is after the day you move out. Now, your items may have to be kept overnight by your mover for delivery on the next day but, you will be moved out and your mover will not be able to schedule any other move for that truck and team that is moving you. Your mover will charge you a storage fee but pay it as you will be moved and will not be caught in a problem where there are no movers to move your home furnishings.

There are movers that are available to move your home furnishings and one mover we can recommend is Eastern Connection Movers at www.easternconnectionmovers.com . We hope that you have a wonderful move and that this advice is helpful to you.

Easier way to move your items up and down stairs on a move!

By |2022-07-30T11:48:25-04:00November 20, 2020|Resources & Tips|


This method will make your move easier when moving with steps on your job.

Many self movers including many full service moving companies will from time to time run into a flight or two maybe three of steps because there is no elevator to use. This can be a very big obstacle to overcome especially if your move involves unloading or loading a big truck. Steps always make the move take more time to get completed. The following method will make the job easier and you”ll get it done quicker for certain!.

First,  The more help you have the faster you”ll get done.

Second,  Have 1 person to unload , the second person to move everything up to the top and third person to take stuff into the residence.

2 Flights or more.  Repeat the second step just have the second person go up one more flight of stairs. Heavy items should be carried up the steps by two helpers while third guy is unloading or loading. Finally, to make your move easier just place a hand truck up at the top floor so that it can be used to hand truck heavy items in. Put a blanket down on the floor where you”ll be unloading your hand truck to prevent scratches.


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Treat yourself 1/2 off your moving cost

By |2022-06-10T16:36:50-04:00October 27, 2020|Resources & Tips|

Contact us today for the best treat for yourself by getting half off the cost estimate of your out of state move. Whether you are moving to the southwest, southeast, midwest or northeast let our professionals at https://www.easternconnectionmovers.com  treat you to your personalized estimated cost for your out of state move today!. Do you need boxes we have plenty and a staff of the absolute most highly trained movers in the industry that can assure you the best service for the best cost.  Our company is a 5 star rated and award winning moving company and for over 35 years we have successfully moved our customers.

Call or contact us today as your moving estimate is given to you upfront before the service begins and a moving consultant that we work with you from start to the finish. Do not go by a Pod or rent a truck chances are our rates are much better along with the service and why break your back when professionals like ours will give you the seamless move from start to the finish.

Need a long distance mover? This is how it’s done right.

By |2022-06-10T16:39:35-04:00October 25, 2020|Resources & Tips|

Moving out of state ? Are you in need of a really good moving company? Do you want the mover to work within your budget? You have come to the right place for your Free Personalized moving estimate. Our team of experienced movers will move you to any state and any size move for a much better rate and the absolute best moving experience done by our team of professionals with over 60 years of combined experience to give you a seamless move.

These photos are done by our team of experts whom moved a client to Washington DC recently and as you see from these actual photos of the care in careful wrapping of your fabric furniture that each piece is carefully shrink wrapped than blanket wrapped and as you see in the photos of the items on the truck that they are loaded carefully and correctly. At https://www.easternconnectionmovers.com our team will not charge you any extra for the extra supplies needed to make sure that your items are moved safely and securely guaranteed!.

The estimated cost for your move is a Personalized estimated cost that is generated and given to you before the move begins. No move is too small or too large for our team to move you successfully. Contact our customer service today for your free non-obligation personalized moving quote today!

Financing your move during hard times

By |2022-06-10T16:40:59-04:00March 20, 2020|Resources & Tips|

Financing your move during hard times is easy and it’s an easy way to pay for your move when you don’t have the money right now to pay for your local or long distance move. Our staff here will put you in touch with our lender who will simply ask a few  questions to see if you qualify for this pay over time loan.

You get if approved 0% APR and Terms up to 12 months of purchases of $ 150.00 Dollars or more.

It’s Simple:

1): Give our customer service line a call at (484)461-8685 or out of state (877)480-6683 or email us at customerservice@ecmmovers.com .

2): Choose the right plan for you from the banking institution that we will direct you to.

3): Make it all yours: If you’re approved you’ll be issued a Digital card to pay for your move for our services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A):  What is the installments?   The Installments are the amount you pay each month over the time of 12 month life of your loan.

B):  Can you make an early payment ?  The answer is absolutely.

C): Will this affect your credit score?  No if you continue to pay the amount that is due each month for the length or life of the loan.

D):  Are there late fees ?  You will never e charged a fee for a late payment, they do calculate interest based on your principal balance ( how much of the original loan is left to pay off ). So, if your payment is late and there is a past due principal, interest will be charged against that larger amount. Your interest rate will never change throughout the loan. And, unlike a credit card, they will never charge compound interest (i.e. interest charged on interest). Interest is only charged on the amount you originally financed

Give us a call today so we can further assist you in financing your move and direct you to the lender ( banking institution) that provides this type of loan.  Call or contact us today!


Philadelphia area mover offers pre-spring moving deals

By |2022-06-10T16:42:58-04:00February 17, 2020|Resources & Tips|

February 17, 2020

Are you looking for a fully insured and reliable and dependable moving company to move you? Are you looking for an out of state mover? this company offers a stress free moving experience without taking your wallet to the cleaners. the Philadelphia region since 1987 and based https://www.easternconnectionmovers.com company is a fully insured interstate moving company that provides the utmost and most absolute professional moving out of state services. They offer free moving quotes that will be delivered to you before the service begins and in addition they serve customer in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York with delivery to any state in the union. This company also in addition to its 5 star reviews will give you up to a 65% discount plus, offer you a Free additional services as well. They were awarded by Philadelphia magazine as the best moving company in the region and they have a 5 star rating with the National Consumer Protection Bureau. Whether you are planning a pre-spring move or late winter or summer move it’s worth contacting them at customerservice@ecmmovers.com or visit their website’s long distance moving info page today!

When moving should I use plastic totes or moving boxes for my move ?

By |2022-06-10T16:45:15-04:00January 24, 2020|Resources & Tips|

Here is the best method to protect your items when moving

If you go to a food store the usual question is to bag up up groceries is will it be Paper or Plastic and it can come as the same question when moving Cardboard or plastic. It is very important when moving long distance to have to best protection for your items when being moved.

Plastic totes are very popular for storage and so why not use them for your move. Plastic totes are a very smart investment especially when you are investing in your move. They are virtually break proof and are a lot better in your cross country trek.

We will help you decide

First thing, We’ll talk about some basic information about each, then we’ll go into some real facts about plastic totes. First, this company will rent the totes to you cheaper then buying boxes for your long distance move.

Cardboard moving boxes

Will come in a variety of sizes for virtually any size item you wish to pack ( you can even customize them any size by using multiple boxes), They break down very easy any recyclable like plastic containers yet the smaller ones are difficult to overfill, they’re easy to carry but after many moves can’t be reused and if they get get wet they’re done.

So which is better for moving household goods long distance ? Most people whom have moved say Boxes and others say Plastic Totes and here are the reasons.

1: Durability for cardboard boxes. This is the most critical answer for the use of cardboard boxes rather than plastic totes. Boxes are designed for moving are made of corrugated fiberboard that can protect your household goods packed inside it while in transit. Boxes can stack high on the edge to edges, they hold their shape better than plastic counterparts.

1 a: Durability of plastic moving containers. They come in various sizes and are just as strong as their counterpart Cardboard boxes however, Plastic containers totes can be reused over and over again as cardboard containers can’t and that is why after the tape is put on them removed and the carton is resealed by tape this can weaken the boxes and actually tear the cardboard fiber making it useless. If the Cardboard box gets wet by accident then that’s it. If you are packing dishes Plastic container totes we have been told are the best for strength.

2. Space. Some moving companies that do long distance moving charge by the amount of space used or taken up in their moving truck. This prices each long distance move by weight

3. Cost. Whether you use Plastic totes or cardboard boxes for your move this will really play a major factor in your decision making. With the both options , with cardboard boxes you’ll need to buy the sealing tape which can be expensive and then packing paper however, on the other hand you don’t need sealing tape for your Plastic containers because they just snap shut and are closed. You’ll still need the packing paper for the Plastic totes but not the high cost of the sealing tape in which is as high as for two rolls at $ 8.00 dollars at your local home supply store to low as $ 3.50 per roll. Whatever you select be sure to always place the heavy boxes or totes on the bottom and with the much lite containers on the top.

4: To save money and rent Plastic tote containers for your long distance move. We suggest using this company for your long distance move and they’ll rent you the containers you need for your long distance trek.

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