• The absolute best proven way to stop moisture in your storage unit

  • Steps to prevent moisture in your storage unit

    When it’s time to decide whether to rent a storage unit for that decluttering of your home or for your business things a lot goes into your decision from the length of time you wish to rent it to the size you will need to hold all of your belongings. One thing we never thing about is what about any moisture in the unit.

    Moisture is not easy to detect

    Most professional moving companies that offer storage don’t know that there is any moisture in their units until a customer that rented a unit complained. Here are some tips from a professional moving company how to prevent moisture from getting into your unit or to stop the moisture before the damage is done. I most cases it takes on average 24 to 48 hours for mildew to develop and it begins to spread by the spores in the air that leads to mold.

    Steps to prevent moisture in your storage unit

    Moisture is easily detected after the fact in part either by visual inspection or scent. Why wait for these to detect the moisture after the fact when these simple steps can prevent it.

    If the storage facility has climate controlled units it may cost more but it is worth the additional cost to have the climate control as it will prevent your belongings from being ruined. Inquire about the climate controlled units and if they don’t have one then find a facility that does offer it.

    If the units have an electrical outlet obtain a dehumidifier and run that as this will keep any moisture out of your unit. Wrap any fabric furniture and bedding like mattress and box springs in shrink wrap to keep any dirt and moisture away from these items.

    Place pallets down on the floor to keep your belongings off the floor and purchase a product that will prevent moisture such as a moisture stopper products available at any hardware supply store. From time to time check on your belongings that are in storage.

    Article written by B. Rodgers for Eastern Connection Movers