• Experts say these are the best reasons to move now!

  • Moving experts would say now would be the best time to move if you have been planning for a while to do so. In the moving industry the movers have two seasons the ” Peak and the “non peak” seasons. For instance, if you book your move during the peak season which usually is from April to November the cost for your move can be much higher then if you book and move during the slow season which is between November 21st to April 10th in which you can literally save hundreds and if not thousands on the service of a professional moving company and these movers are looking to keep their crews employed during the slow season.

    Each mover creates a price for their client based on either the weight of the shipment or by the cubic feet of the shipment for long distance moves. Local services are priced by usually an hourly rate. These prices are created off of a tariff in which each moving company has in their offices and is usually available for your inspection if you wish to view it.

    These are other tips

    1): Have all your boxes if you are packing your own labeled and ready to go on the day of your move.

    2): Have if you can all of your cartons placed in one room in your residence.

    3):  Have all of your beds broken down and ready to go.

    4):  Make sure that all pathways in and out of your residence is clear so that your moving crew can have a clear path to the truck.

    5):  If you have animals have them placed in an area where they are out of the way such as secondary bathroom in your home or at a neighbors home.

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